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Learning and Behavior Adjustment OpportunitiesTop of Page

Cutler Orosi Community Day School is an alternative school for grades 8-12 within the Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School district. Community Day school is an alternative educational placement for students who have been expelled from school or who have had problems with attendance and behavior and need a specific learning environment. CDS is safe, secure and accepting. Students are given resources to be successful at CDS while receiving an education that is standards-based, rigorous and relevant.
The CDS goal is to ensure students get the best opportunity for learning and behavior adjustment to ensure they will be successful at their next assigned school site.
 CDS has a teacher and an Instructional Aide and shares the services of the principal, Learning Director, campus security officer, secretary, custodian and part-time counselor with our other Alternative sites.
The CORE subjects are taught in the one-room class setting, with up to 15 students of various backgrounds There is also PE available to the students. CDS students are afforded the same curriculum taught at the comprehensive high school and alternative schools. Counselors meet with the students on a pull-out basis and check in on students on a regular basis to make sure they are able to talk about any issues the students need help with.
CDS schools serve at risk students in many ways, offering challenging classes, small student population and teaching of important educational and life skills. The students are given counseling and credit recovery. 
The classroom is equipped with computers for student use as well as for credit recovery through Cyber High. We are constantly working with students and looking for alternative resources to assist them during their time at CDS. Some of the opportunities include pull out, check in, and a new program for at-risk students, Mending Fences and Changing Minds. Students are allowed to attend a six-week program on Saturday that builds responsibility, values and respect for one another.

Schoolwide Learning OutcomesTop of Page

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CDS Students will be:
Chart of District Graduate Outcomes.  All 6 listed.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Robert Gonzales, Alternative Education Administrator at (559) 528-4703.