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Alternative Independent Studies
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Cutler Orosi Joint Unified School District offers Esperanza independent studies program for students TK-12  needing an alternative school setting, additional credits, and or if family financial needs require the student to work to help support the family. Esperanza is another resource for students from the other district schools to continue their education and to supplement any needed credit recovery. We are proud that Esperanza High School was WASC accredited, which makes it possible for students to graduate from Esperanza, apply for financial aid, and receive a high school diploma.
Esperanza has a principal, learning director and secretary shared with the Alternative high school. All Esperanza teachers are able to serve a wide range of student needs. 
In order to maintain a sense of equity, we have made sure that all curriculum used by teachers is the same as that which the high school, the alternative high school, and the other district sites use. Teachers and staff communicate to the principal any attendance, discipline, and other issues they may have with students. Our determination is to help support students with their educational goals. We have maintained other available resources for student achievement as well, including access to Chromebooks and MifFi in needed.

How Esperanza Works
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 Esperanza info

Esperanza Info
Esperanza Info
Esperanza Info
Esperanza Info
Esperanza Info

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Our Mission Statement reads:  
Cutler Orosi Unified Alternative Schools
offers a challenging learning environment
that is safe, secure and accepting.

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Our goal is to:
  • graduate prepared students for College and Career
  • create students with the ability to effectively communicate and be responsible citizens

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the office at (559) 528-4703.