"Imagine with all your mind.
 Believe with all your heart.
 Achieve with all your might!"

Expected School Wide Learning Results

Esperanza High School Graduates will be:
  • Effective communicators who:
    • Read and Speak in a clear reflective manner, considering different points of view.
    •  Work successfully and collaboratively with others to be problem solvers.
  • Self-directed learners who:
    • Are competent in reading, writing and mathematics and have passed the necessary exit exams to be a high school graduate.
    •  Can make informed decisions regarding education, career and life options.
  • Lifelong learners who:
    • Have a strong work ethic and perform high quality work.
    •  Recognize the value and practice a rigorous work ethic.
  • Responsible citizens who:
    • Develop strong skills in honesty, morality, fairness, tolerance and respect.
    •  Are aware and make positive choices for their own future.
    •  Have a good understanding of their role in a global society.