About Us


Cutler Orosi Unified Alternative Schools
offer a challenging learning environment
that is safe, secure and accepting.


The LHS goal is to provide every student with a quality education and a High School Diploma, and for our students to be college- and career-ready ladies and gentlemen.

Alternative High School Placement

Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District offers Lovell High as an alternative placement for students who are not successful at the comprehensive high school. Our Alternative Schools are safe, secure and accepting of our students while receiving an education that is standards based, rigorous and relevant.

Lovell High School transitioned to a continuation school in 1969. Lovell student population consists of approximately 83 students, six full time teachers (including one resource teacher), two Instructional Aides, one secretary, lead custodian and night custodian, campus security, Learning Director and Principal (all shared with the Community Day and Independent Studies schools). 

There are students who are initally referred to LHS through the Student Discipline Review Board (SARB.) There are also a variety of other reasons, including credit deficiencies and attendance behavior problems. Students who are deemed “at risk” of not graduating are discussed at the Student Transfer meeting which is held on a quarterly basis with both schools participating. School counselors, receiving schools principal as well as the Director of Student Service are in attendance.

LHS is dedicated to providing personalized instruction for all students, as well as to providing an individual plan for all students to be successful college-to-career graduates.

LHS strives to provide students with an alternate educational opportunity. Small class sizes and a holistic approach to student learning provide students with a support system to facilitate student success. Students at LHS have typically struggled with the traditional setting of a large traditional high school. They see greater success in the flexibility and supportive program provided in an alternative setting. It is because of this approach that a number of students who enroll at LHS choose to graduate at LHS and not return to the traditional comprehensive high school. 

Lovell’s teachers are committed, caring teachers who show patience and a caring attitude every day to our students. Lovell High School is dedicated to ensure that all students are college- and career-ready, have mastered all the necessary skills needed are actively involved in their education planning. Students will be prepared, responsible citizens. Students will also acquire the best educational plans so that they can become successful, independent adults who are ready for College and have mastered the Graduate outcomes and district-wide instructional expectations.

Through hard work and perseverance, Lovell High School will be a place where all students will be successful, productive adults, able to fulfill their educational goals, as well as contribute to a productive society.