The core curriculum correlates to the state standards, and teachers use the same curriculum that is used at the comprehensive high school. The majority of our students are full-day students, while others have a modified schedule based on student needs. The teacher-to-student ratio is 1 teacher to approximately 18 students. The smaller number of students per class provides the opportunity for teachers to get to know the students, which in turn builds a strong working relationship in the classroom. The small student-to-staff ratio provides the opportunity for students to receive the necessary attention for success.

LHS curriculum is designed around the California standards. Teachers post and share the Lesson Target daily. The staff ensures that all students will be able to meet school-wide expectations by adapting lessons which embrace the varying learning modalities of our students. Such variety in lessons gives auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners the opportunity to experience a rigorous standards-based curriculum while not feeling overwhelmed by the academic process. The district's technology department provides administration and staff with access to concise student achievement data reports, such as results from the SBAC, benchmarks, CELDT and other assessments. LHS uses this student achievement data to initiate and revise lesson plans, their pacing guides and the master schedule that focus on all students achieving the expected school-wide learning results, academic standards and college-to-career goals.

LHS students are offered a variety of curriculum to meet their graduation requirements. In order to graduate, students must successfully complete 200 credits in the required and elective courses (220 starting with incoming tenth graders), Along with the core curriculum, LHS offers credit recovery using Cyber High, Concurrent Enrollment with the independent studies program, Naviance, and the After School program, including team sports.

LHS appreciates the technological demands that will be placed upon students during as well as after exiting high school. In order to prepare students for such demands, each classroom is equipped with internet-capable computers (including a computer cart of 30 Chromebooks). Our students are able to use these to research, work on credit recovery, google docs, as well as write their scholarship letters. We are working towards acquiring computers for every student at LHS. There is a computer in one classroom, as well as 20 computers in the library for students. Every classroom is equipped with an LCD projector and document camera.

The school year is divided into four quarters or two semesters. The school day consists of seven 45 minute periods. The twelve-week trimester system works well for the students because they can see their educational goals being met at a faster rate.